Introduction & General Overview

This archival material is made available by the editors at Fifth Press as an additional resource for students of the Gurdjieff work. These archives represent the full collection of Keith Buzzell’s lifetime of efforts to plumb the depths of G.I.Gurdjieff’s legacy. This collection of Dr. Buzzell’s work has been assembled by the editors who, after Dr. Buzzell’s death in 2018, reviewed his personal papers, correspondence, working notes and publications with a view to sharing whatever of that material could be of use to others. None of the material has been edited in any way beyond the choice of its inclusion in the archive. The Editors pursue several aims and make available material of several broad categories of interest.

The Archive makes available a consolidated, ready reference to all of Dr. Buzzell’s published work. In addition, a number of self-published monographs are included. The monographs often provided different approaches to topics taken up in the six volumes of Dr. Buzzell’s books. Written at different points in the authors journey, some inclusions give different emphases, alternative views, and developing approaches to themes contained in the six volumes published by Fifth Press. In addition, a number of group conferences and meetings touching on specific themes were recorded and subsequently transcribed.

Another purpose is to make available two categories of work with symbolism. One repository represents the development over time of Dr. Buzzell’s “A Symbol of Cosmos and its Laws.” A second repository collects together numerous examples of Dr. Buzzell’s use of geometric symbolism and the Enneagram as thinking-exploring guides. These documents provide a window into the regular application of symbolic imagery used and developed by Dr.Buzzell as a part of his spiritual practice and his decades long pursuit of understanding the fundamental laws as expressed by Gurdjieff. Most are hand drawn; when colored they were predominantly done so by hand.

One of Dr. Buzzell’s chief pursuits was to explore the meaning and significance of Gurdjieff’s admonition to take the knowledge of the West and wisdom of the East and then seek. In that context, Keith left an extensive collection of notes, brief essays and diagram explorations specific to modern scientific conceptions of the fundamental forces, anatomy and physiology, and neurophysiology. These explorations are made available under the Modern Science heading.

Also contained here are numerous, handwritten, short, reflective and developmental essays, notes and fragments on a wide range of ideas and their applications specific to the larger work and to Gurdjieff’s writings. These are in part categorized by specific topic. For instance, some visitors to this archive will no doubt have been drawn to Keith’s work through their mutual interest in the First Series of Gurdjieff’s writings. Here the investigator will find a collection of essays on specific themes from Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson.

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The Fifth Press Editors

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