Contents:  Explorations in Active Mentation

Chapter 1

Entirely New Principles

The Gurdjieff teaching: is it revolutionary? appropriate? sufficient? ~ scientific
method and the third dimension ~ impending catastrophe, conscience and science

Chapter 2

The Emergence of the Function of Emotion

Triadic nature of emotion ~ feeling and sensation ~ dimensions of the inner world ~
roles of the three brains ~ evolution of the second brain: relationship and responsibility ~ the “inner benevolent impulse”

Chapter 3

The Paradox of Hypnotism

Negative and positive aspects of hypnotism ~ relativity of hypnotic states and relation
to physiology ~ the Ray of Creation and essential/existential triads ~ the causal chain
of hypnosis ~ the divided Zoostat ~ therapy and transformation ~ triadic view of
hypnotic states

Chapter 4

“… an Accursed Mirage”

Cosmic justice: the terrifying situation ~ significance of the “twos” ~ involution–
evolution, the “clash” ~ Makary’s story ~ the partial pardon of Beelzebub ~ the mirage

Chapter 5

The Duration of Being-existence

The Itoklanoz principle, an involutional octave ~ associations and experiencings ~
one-third death of a brain ~ Iransamkeep ~the Fulasnitamnian principle

Chapter 6

Image as Man’s Three-brained Reality

The neurobiology of image formation in relation to work-on-oneself ~ three menta
tions ~ feeling-center as the carrier of reconciliation ~ relative realities ~ the sense-
of-I ~ microcosmic image of the Trogoautoegocratic principle

Chapter 7

The Cosmic Dimensions of Faith, Hope and Love

The cosmic origin of faith, hope and love ~ manifestations in the Ray of Creation ~
How are impulse, property and function manifested? ~ perception to impression ~
the three brains and the sacred impulses ~ attention and faith, hope and love

Chapter 8

Being and Becoming — Ilnosoparno

How do we persist and yet change? ~ the deflections of Heptaparaparshinokh and Triamazikamno ~ the reconciliation of time ~ Can Triamazikamno be unbalanced?

Chapter 9

The Power of Symbol

Symbol as a container and as a relationship ~ different brains, different symbols ~
the construction of “A Symbol of the Cosmos and Its Laws”

Chapter 10

“In the beginning, when nothing yet existed …”

“Time” before the universe began ~ unification of forces ~ law precedes the emanation ~ Do attributes, motions and forms account for all and everything?

Chapter 11

Gurdjieff’s Creation Myth

The “forced need” ~ What is time? ~ reconciliation of the Heropass ~ the creation myth
as allegory of man’s possibilities ~the multiplications and creation

Chapter 12

Transforming the Mind – Changing the Brain

How is the mind different from the brain? ~ a three-brained being as an image of the Trogoautoegocratic principle ~ inexactitude ~ three views of the multiplications and
the transformative process

Chapter 13

The Task

The unique needs of our time ~ Is individual transformation an end in itself? ~ creation
of the “world existing in reality” ~ “… becoming a particle … of everything existing in the great Universe” ~ the Great Task

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