Man — A Three-brained Being

Resonant Aspects of Modern Science and the Gurdjieff Teaching

The exactitude of the call to “Take the understanding of the East and the knowledge of the West—and then seek” is deeply influencing many of the contemporary generation of students of the Gurdjieff teaching. Dr. Keith Buzzell is one of the pioneers, discovering and sharing the relationship between these two seemingly disparate views of human potential.

In Gurdjieff’s view of “Worlds” (World One to World 96), the quantum nature of our Universe can be inferred, involution and evolution can be seen as motions and reconciliation of time and the triadic nature of consciousness and conscious transformation can be seen on a greater scale.

The roots of egoism are recognized within the most fundamental impulse of organic life: survival––thus making possible a more objective understanding of its penetration and its dominance into our feeling and thinking brains.

A view of consciousness as an evolutional capacity of the brains to digest images is presented which leads to the significance of relationship with other, ultimately appearing as Conscience, coming from the feeling brain. The potential of the third brain as fundamentally seeking meaning is modeled by the scientific method of inquiry.

The book concludes with a view of the complexity and simultaneity of the octavic digestion of the three foods of physical food, air and impressions. Dr. Buzzell gives us an exacting study of the laws of the digestion of physical food, thus drawing a more and more precise and applicable analogy into the possible further digestion of air and impressions.

As a result of these labors we, the readers, can find true assistance in striving to understand and incorporate the reality of “… each of your favorites, separately, is, in his whole presence, exactly similar in every respect to our Megalocosmos.”

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