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The Editors at Fifth Press welcome you to explore participation in ongoing reading groups involved in digesting the literary legacy of G.I. Gurdjieff and Dr. Buzzell’s perspectives. In our increasingly fractured and digital culture our reading groups offer an opportunity to connect with like minded seekers. Inquire here.

Dr. Buzzell was one of the original attendees of the 1996 International Humanities Conferences. Also known as the All & Everything Conferences, annual meetings have continued to the present day. Dr. Buzzell continued his support for the conferences until the end of his life and was a regular contributor. The Editors at Fifth Press recommend the conference as another opportunity to connect and exchange with companions of the book from around the world.

Shared comments about the ALL and Everything Humanities Conference

… with the struggle and striving towards Kesdjan, toward Higher Being-bodies, we must come to a simultaneity of observation and remembering, to coalesce a presence in the world that is both oneself and other…

I am not just me – I am simultaneously and always, in every moment of the day, I am other – as we move back into our daily lives how can we continue to take responsibility for our neighbor, our planet.

~Keith Buzzell

The editors at Fifth Press invite you to post and share comments here on your experiences or questions relative to the publications or archival material we share. Other visitors to the site and the editors may find what you share useful to the furtherance of our common search.


by John Dale Dr. Buzzell’s works center, in a very focused way, on Gurdjieff’s Law of Three and Law of Seven. Using the enneagram and his own Cosmic Unfolding symbol as models of these laws, he produces really remarkable, detailed elucidations of the concepts and deeply buried “dogs” in Beelzebub’s Tales. Also very much on […]

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by David Whitfield Rather than waiting until I can write a more complete opinion re: the five Keith Buzzell books — I’ve decided to just write a note for now—and the send you a more complete commentary later when I’m better prepared to do so. Just let me say—a mere peek into the books—with those […]

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