by David Whitfield

Rather than waiting until I can write a more complete opinion re: the five Keith Buzzell books — I’ve decided to just write a note for now—and the send you a more complete commentary later when I’m better prepared to do so.

Just let me say—a mere peek into the books—with those beautiful diagrams based on the Law of Three and the Law of Seven (the enneagram) was enough to get me hooked.

…I’ve started with this book mostly—not “easy” to read intellectually even though the explanations are complete and thorough—you have to really stretch your brain to grasp these concepts, frequently illuminating though they often are! What Keith says about the Solar System from Gurdjieff’s perspective, and the parts about the Heropass and the conception of time as an aspect of the Divine, and connecting time with the third, reconciling force opened up for me new realizations. Also, I became newly and more intensely aware of what we think of as “evil”, as a holy necessity—a blessing which to our common personalities, seems to be well disguised.

So many new panoramas are opening I will have to live for decades to absorb them—probably a further lifetime—would be enough.

So—to say “thank you” for sending the books—and to Keith for writing them—is simply inadequate! But thank you anyhow!