Contents: The Third Striving

Preface: Stephen Aronson

Author’s Introduction—Essential Qualification

Orbit of the Comet

The Solar System as an Individual

The Third Brain ~ Mechanical/Being Instinct ~ Removal
~ The State of Consciousness ~ “… independent automatic moving …”
~ Paradox ~ Laws

To Strive

Definitions ~ Levels ~ Hierarchy

The Third Striving:
“… the conscious striving to know ever more and more …”

Intelligence and Consciousness

Sensitivity, Density in the Atomic World ~ A Preposterous Proposal
~ Bonding Energies ~ Bonding Energies in the Food Octave
~ Intelligence and Consciousness of Food Undergoing Digestion

The Emergence of a Nervous System

Tetartocosmoses (multi-celled life-forms) ~ Mass to Non-mass—to Ionic Waves–to Nerve Fibers–to ‘touch’—to the First Brain

The Resonance of Law in the Three Octaves of Food

The Laws of Worlds 48–24–12 Within World 48 ~ Progressive
Unbinding of Food Down to the Elementals ~ Entry of Air— do192
and Absorption of Elementals Into the Body ~ Worlds Within Worlds
~ fa96 and re96 (‘hydrogen’ 96) Processes ~ h96 to h48 Processes–
Mass to Non-mass ~ Sound ~ Other Components of Air

Resonant Possibilities

Qualifications of the h12 Category ~ si12 of Food—The ‘Automatic’
Attentions ~ sol12 of Air—The Attentions of Higher Emotional
Center ~ Expressions of fa24 toward sol12 ~ mi12 of Impressions
—The Attentions of Higher Intellectual Center

Further Explorations in the Enneagrams
of Physical Food and Air

la24 and si12 of the Food Octave ~ Automatic Results—What Precedes
la24 ~ Buffers—or Not ~ la24 of Physical Food ~ si12 of Physical Food
~ Air–mi48 of Air ~ mi48fa24 Interval of Air ~ sol12 of Air


Influences of the First Conscious Shock

DO48–RE24–MI12 of the Food of Impressions Enneagram

The Second Conscious Shock
fa6 and la6 ~ In Sum

A Further Exploration of Law via
A Symbol of the Cosmos and Its Laws

Apices of Triads


The Lateral Octave and the Cycle of Life

From Three-brained to Kesdjan ~ The Collapse of the Lateral Octave

The Inner-Outer (psycho-physical) Nature
of the Laws of World-creation

Pre-Creation—the Principles of Three and Seven ~ Heropass

Symmetry and Creation

Laws of World 48

Food ~ Brained Beings ~ The Non-Mass Energies ~ Fields and Photons

Laws of World 24 in World 48

Second Brain—Air Octave ~ Work in the Moment
~ The Lawful Hazard of the Passage from mi48 to fa24

Worlds 12 and 24 Laws in World 48

Summarizing Comment–Worlds 96, 48, 24, 12 and Six


Beelzebub’s Aim ~ Indifference to Cosmic Law ~ Outside the Law
~ Egoism and Kundabuffer ~ ‘Causes’ of Kundabuffer ~ Egoism
~ Paradox ~ Work–Kundabuffer ~ Work–Egoism ~ A Personal
Reflection ~ The Exile ~ Singular Issue


The Paradox of Attention and Will Power:
‘Seeing’ and ‘Doing’

The Separation of Divine Attributes in the Unfolding of Creation
~ Okidanokh and the Ray of Creation ~ The Role of Divine-Love
~ Wish and Love ~ Wish and Choice ~ The Ways

Consciousness—A Precondition for Love

A Lifetime of Effort

Instinctive Center/Sex Center: The Survival Triads

The Will to Be ~ The Role of Wish

“… an organ like Kundabuffer …”

fa and re96sol and mi48 ~ Removal and Destruction of
Kundabuffer ~ A New Organ Like Kundabuffer ~ Role of Hassein
~ Consciousness and the Future ~ The Destruction of Egoism
~ Time



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