The Work & Modern Science

One of Dr. Buzzell’s aims in life was to follow Gurdjieff’s injunction to “Take the understanding of the East and the knowledge of the West-and then seek.” In this regard, and as a practicing physician steeped in the traditions of Western science and its methods, Dr. Buzzell was deeply concerned that the Gurdjieff work would, over time, shift its center of gravity towards a religiously based mysticism and away from what he perceived as a monumental effort on Gurdjieff’s part to include Western scientific perspectives.

Dr. Buzzell was an inveterate explorer with a deep, albeit critical, respect for modern science in both its practices and the knowledge of principles derived from it. All of the essays, notes and diagrams contained in this archive category display Keith’s relentless pursuit to reconcile modern scientific perspectives and knowledge with the principles and practices of the work.

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