Published & Self-published Monographs

Dr. Buzzell undertook several independent explorations on specific themes which he completed as stand-alone publications. Some were written for non-work related audiences in an effort to call attention to what Dr. Buzzell saw as important human frailties that the general public would benefit from pursuing. Others were specific efforts intended at the time for those deeply engaged with the Gurdjieff teaching. Some were adapted for inclusion in the six volumes published by Fifth Press.

The editors call particular attention to “Our Fractured Minds” which was an apparent early book proposal, eighty-one pages in length, that sought to express Gurdjieff’s ‘three forms of mentation’ in a manner consistent with modern neurobiology for a general audience. And, “A Long Thought,” which remains one of the only attempts we know of to plumb the meaning of Gurdjieff’s multiplication movements exercises.

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