A visual unfolding of

A visual unfolding of

A Symbol of the Cosmos and Its Laws

the creation…

By ordering worlds into higher and lower levels of unfolding, and by connecting these worlds in such a way as to make the entirety of Creation an interdependent one or whole, Gurdjieff united the seemingly disparate manifestations of humanity with higher world laws. The Law of Three Principles/Forces provides the relational scaffold for this unification.

A note from Dr. Keith A. Buzzell

The earliest possibility of seeing something very profound in the structure of the Universe occurred after reading J. G. Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe and his understanding of the triad and the Laws, following a thorough reading of Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous. I began with a question. How to unfold, in a logical manner, the triadic structure of universal law based on Gurdjieff’s Ray of Creation, as spoken about in In Search? I began with a triad with emphases on: the center point, the point at each apex, and a circle bounded by the three points? The first unfolding, could thus occur in the following manner. Read More…

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