Thank you very much for an excellent weekend!

Keith, I appreciate all your effort to communicate your understanding of The Tales and your insights. Throughout the weekend, your interpretations of metaphor in The Tales helped me to catch a glimpse of how various degrees of reason operate. There were a few moments when I felt myself change due to something you said. A feeling of being struck
by lightning, although I never have been struck by lightning, or a spark- something electrical. I looked into my past and suddenly some things made more sense, a sort of lining up in terms of my relationships with others, feelings, decisions, and opinions.

I felt that much was learned from our discussion of the apes, not from the content of
the apes, but from us moving toward real understanding and distinguishing between
real metaphor and metaphor gone wild (this is something I personally struggle with
when reading The Tales, and in general, partially due to my experiences with human-
ities/philosophy professors who encouraged symbolism and meaning to be imagined endlessly to the point of hysteria). I found your judgment to be very useful in developing an instinct for real metaphor and this will help me be more reasonable and logical in my readings of The Tales and in life.

Thank you both for the work, patience, and understanding that you have given.

Nick Ware


For me, that visit has already begun each time Keith’s book Perspectives is opened. It beckons me to a world of rich study. I had been looking forward to beginning it once we returned from Harrison.

With great gratitude,

Avrom Surath

Thanks again for your inspirational work!

Michael Hurd

I want you to know that I really appreciate you giving me another copy of Gurdjieff’s Whim.  It is really one of the very best books I have read about Beelzebub, and even about the Work:  it just opens up my eyes to a way of looking at G’s work.

I had no idea he was Such a Scientist!

Elan Sicroff