Edited Interviews with Keith Buzzell

Videos here are edited from the interviews made by Touch the Future.
This compilation was made in gratitude by a student volunteer.

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John Therrien Dale
John Therrien Dale
3 years ago

Dear Friends, We all owe a real “Thank you!” to the people who put this video together and helped share the legacy of Dr. Buzzell’s wisdom and long and deep reflections on Gurdjieff’s message. Dr. Buzzell narrates an extraordinarily clear, coherent, and powerful summary of Gurdjieff’s central ideas concerning a “new conception of God” and his solution to the human dilemma. That dilemma is rooted in our seeing reality “upside down and backwards” because (according to the myth of Beelzebub’s Tales) of the “implantation” into our inner world, at some time in the human evolutionary past, of the “organ Kundabuffer”… Read more »

John A
3 years ago

great use of text, video, graphics at once; might want to make images clickable for close examination