Conscious Evolution

“…the conscious evolution of a human being requires that their three brains actively participate in each step of the process/event. A something (we will call it “presence”), must enter… This presence has a distinct and unique quality within each of the three forces of the triad, making possible a succession of choices/ decisions that can be reconciled in a unique result…”

Keith A. Buzzell, Man, A Three-brained Being, (Fifth Press, 2007), P. 25.

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Explorations In Active Mentation (2006) — 2 hits
into the personal and the interpersonal as integral parts of self-initiated and self-directed conscious evolution. In the final chapters, Dr. Buzzell also turns to an exploration of the essence of Gurdjieff
p. 20 on the same primordial principle, infused with the principle of relativity and the idea of conscious evolution. It is written in the universal language Gurdjieff spoke of at an earlier time. Whether



Man, A Three-brained Being (2007) — 2 hits
p. 25 return to this image. Conscious Evolution While the form of the law (2–1–3) and the directions of motion are the same in all triads / octaves of transformation, the conscious evolution of a human being
p. 25 “Reason-of-understanding.” 25 No step in the process of conscious evolution will happen by itself, nor can the attainment of a degree of conscious evolution by one person be given to another. ‘Tastes’ may

Full Search results for “conscious evolution” in Keith Buzzell’s books about the Fourth Way


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