A visual unfolding of

A visual unfolding of

A Symbol of the Cosmos and Its Laws

the creation…

By ordering worlds into higher and lower levels of unfolding, and by connecting these worlds in such a way as to make the entirety of Creation an interdependent one or whole, Gurdjieff united the seemingly disparate manifestations of humanity with higher world laws. The Law of Three Principles/Forces provides the relational scaffold for this unification.

A note from Dr. Keith A. Buzzell

The earliest possibility of seeing something very profound in the structure of the Universe occurred after reading J. G. Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe and his understanding of the triad and the Laws, following a thorough reading of Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous. I began with a question. How to unfold, in a logical manner, the triadic structure of un-iversal law based on Gurdjieff’s Ray of Creation, as spoken about in In Search? I began with a triad with emphases on: the center point, the point at each apex, and a circle bounded by the three points? The first unfolding, could thus occur in the following manner. Read More…

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  1. Yes, what a wonderful tribute for the late Keith Buzzell’s understanding of the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff and his pupils.
    All our best wishes, Jim & Janice Hill

    • Dear Jim and Janice,

      Apologies for late response and Thank you for your kind words.

      Keith was intimately involved in the production of the animation of A Symbol of the Cosmos and it’s Laws. He was actively making suggestions and changes up to it’s near completion.

      It is our wish for people to share this beautiful creation as widely as possible!

      Warmest wishes,
      Marlena Buzzell

  2. It has been a long time since I read Gurdjeiff, so the following comments may be inaccurate on my part. They refer to the “Animation-Notes_KB_6.pdf” that accompanies the animation. I assume that there is more written by Dr. Buzzell which may perhaps clarify the points made.

    Matching up the elements of the Standard Model (photons, gamma waves, four ‘fundamental’ forces etc.) to the System ideas may not be a good idea. Even the physicists reckon the Model is incomplete. Also, they pay no attention to the law of seven or three. The expectation, perhaps, is that such laws should arise from the data, not be used as a starting point as they are in the System. This makes current science and the System somewhat at odds with each other. Since the System ideas are ‘fixed’ – we are taking what Gurdjieff told us as true – and modern science is ever moving on (in some direction or other, not necesarily ‘progressing’), it may be a mistake to try to reconcile the two too closely. So an indication that there is some loose correspondence may be in order, but not a definite matchup.

    The text has: “Planetary systems began to appear later, after the completion of the creation of the atomic table of the elements”. According to modern science, many elements (those heavier than iron [Fe]), are created by the destruction of suns, in supernovae, so the elements are still ‘under construction’ as it were. So it would be possible for the earliest planets not to have all the elements but still be inhabited. One needs to be careful about such categorical statements, but, again, it is only at odds with the modern science’s view.

    The Ray of Creation is a descending octave of Growth (using Rodney Collin’s term). In the Search, the ‘product’ (neutralizing force) becomes the active force in the next descending triad. This was not stated in the text. Would you say that this aspect has been correctly illustrated?

    There is much to think about in the animation, and I thank you for making it available.

  3. This is one dimensional. It seems more likely that it is growing in dimensions after the initial octave on the plane. It would start with a triangle then pyramid, etc. More like a geodesic dome. This is certainly more pleasing to the eye, which to me is of paramount importance on all dimensions.

  4. I see what you are doing. However, if you could do this in a 3 dimensional image, it is felt that it would be more accurate. The rest seems fine.

  5. Dr. Buzzell’s remarkable ability to use the beauty of Geometry to simplify some of Gurdjieff’s most complicated cosmological ideas, is amply served by this unique animated video, which enhances Keith Buzzells’s uncanny talent, as if it urges the viewer to participate into the very process of Creation

  6. The “visual unfolding” is remarkably intelligent and meditative as well as artistic and sensible. Honours flow to the team and the team-work that evolved it.

    The colours are memorable on their own, as are the narrator’s pace and voice. The piano accompaniment could not be more appropriate. I would like to say I will watch the video — a moving mandala, actually — until I understand every one of its ins and outs, but that would be rash of me because it would take many years or in my instance many lifetimes!

    One detail intrigued me and that is the use of what P.D.O. called the “unicursal” route around the enneagram. I see it demonstrated here. I wonder how many viewers learned by their own efforts how to trace it as effortless and as naturally as it appear here.

    I am now struggling with Dr. Buzzell’s learned “note” (an understatement to be savoured!) which is quite remarkable as a supportive yet self-standing understanding and appreciation of the “visual unfolding.”

  7. Amazing and beautiful. I was in the Work for 13 (younger) years, but I never understood that we have the same possibilities and limitations in our inner world as
    our Creator has in our outer world.
    Thank you for your work,

    Mary Ballantine

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