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“And in regard to the second primordial fundamental cosmic law… common- cosmic objective science also formulates with the words: ‘“A new arising from the previously arisen… the process of which is actualized thus: the higher blends with the lower in order to actualize the middle and thus becomes either higher for the preceding lower, or lower for the succeeding higher… this Sacred-Triamazikamno consists of three independent forces…
which three holy forces… the said science calls as follows: the first, the Affirming-force’ or the ‘Pushing-force’ or simply the ‘Force-plus’; the second, the ‘Denying-force’ or the ‘Resisting-force’ or simply the ‘Force-minus’; and the third, the ‘Reconciling-force’ or the ‘Equilibrating-force’or the ‘Neutralizing-force.’”

G. I. Gurdjieff, Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, 1950, p. 751

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Perspectives On Beelzebub’s Tales (2005) — 8 hits
p. 15 end” 22 must be explored. Since the Law of Seven (Heptaparaparshinokh) and the Law of Three (Triamazikamno) are the fundamental cosmic laws, the answer to the dilemma lies in a re-ordering, a re-patterning
p. 142 142 Perspectives can become such individuals as have their own sacred law of Triamazikamno and thereby the possibility of consciously taking in and coating in their common presence all that ‘Holy’ which
p. 149 Trogoautoegocrat with the qualities of all the three forces of the fundamental common-cosmic Triamazikamno, but also, themselves absorbing these substances for transformation from three different sources


Explorations In Active Mentation (2006) — 23 hits
Intro persist–and yet, change? ~ the deflections of Heptaparaparshinokh and Triamazikamno ~ the reconciliation of Time ~ Can Triamazikamno be unbalanced? Chapter 9 ……………………………………
p. 47 Trogoautoegocratic principle (the total, balanced blending of the laws of Heptaparaparshinokh and Triamazikamno). The cosmic individuality stands in the laws and manifests from them. Hypnosis in Therapy and

Quote from Man – A Three-brained Being

In each of the seven brains, all of this associative activity takes place automatically, activated by an attention that in turn is initiated by instinctive and social survival mechanisms that have appeared within each brain.

In sharp contrast, directing the attention (with an inner separation established) is a conscious effort, intimately related to the third state of consciousness. It is free of the automaticities that derive from instinctive center function and the Itoklanoz-conditioned personality. Because it is held separate from the images of the seven brains, it can direct a far more impartial ‘hunt’ for meanings. To varying degrees (increasing with repeated efforts), the triadic nature of the images is seen into; their origins and dependencies on the past being clarified, with new and deeper meanings appearing. With increasing clarity, the mechanicalness of one’s ‘life of personality’ is laid bare. Simultaneously, (empowered by group work and the sharing of impressions), one comes to see and accept that other people are equally mechanical. Slowly, the personality processes leading to justification, lying, hiding and other egoistic expressions are more and more exposed and, in consequence, progressively devalued. The ‘hot scald’ of the remorse of conscience slowly lays bare the self-created ‘constructions’ which are the crystallized consequences of the properties of the organ Kundabuffer. Other efforts of Work (including following the breath, sensing, tasks and exercises, Movements  and music study) blend with these efforts to see more deeply into oneself  and offer, at this critical juncture of mi12sol12si12, assistance in the effort to be and the effort to create new ways of feeling, thinking and manifesting. 

This is a highly experimental stage, demanding of creativity, spontaneity and risk-taking, because one is not yet totally free of the past and all of its encumbrances and still not able to stand fully in one’s being.

The mi12 level of material vibrations refers to the directed attention enabling the intellect to explore and come to deeper meanings regarding cosmic law (Heptaparaparshinokh, Triamazikamno, second-degree and other laws), while, simultaneously, at sol12, the feeling world of right relationships and values toward and for all others (the manifestations of real conscience) is seen and striven toward. The “special study” regarding the emotional life which Gurdjieff refers to in the opening quotation of this segment is intimately related to this action at sol12

We understand that aspects of si12 (physical-generative material vibrations) are involved in work on the Movements and Sacred Dances. These material vibrations can evoke and support the creative expression of laws that are symbolized or abstracted in bodily form. As such, they are very high ‘hydrogens’ (food) for all seven brains as well as powerful enabling influences in work on being.

To speak of mi12, sol12, si12 as separate aspects of Fourth Way work is not really correct. The work of man number four is the work of man number one, two or seven, making the efforts to become a balanced man. As such, any aspect of work influences, enables and/or creates tensions in other aspects of work. A higher ‘hydrogen’ entering from outside or from an inner work effort, may dramatically influence a number of related lower ‘hydrogen’ states. In all of this, however, directed attention (h12h6) is the singular reconciling influence that enables the emergence of true balance.

The Second Conscious Shock

In the opening quotation of the previous segment, Gurdjieff said, referring to the second conscious shock, “the nature of this effort demands special study.” We are not competent or sufficiently experienced to consider what this “special study” would encompass, but would underscore, again, the importance of the simultaneity and relationship of the seven octaves and their changed intervalsthe mechano-coinciding-Mdnel-In, the Harnel-Aoot and the intentionally-actualized-Mdnel-In. The passage through each inter-
val contributes uniquely to the circumstance into which the second conscious shock enters.

Keith A. Buzzell, Man, A Seven-brained Being. Fifth Press, 2007, pp. 129-130

Name Clarification

In Gurdjieff’s Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, “Triamazikamno” is the name for what is generally known as “The Law of Three“. Want to see Buzzell’s search results for “The Law of Three” instead? check this page.

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