“The first conscious shock (the effort to self-remember) refers to all efforts, however partial they may be, that aim to establish a presence or a witness within any or all of the three aspects of our being.

With each effort to self-remember, there may be an extremely brief interval in which there is a presence, without reference to what that presence is present to. Immediately following this, one becomes aware of the process of thinking or feeling or sensation-motion that is taking place in the present moment. One then has the opportunity to direct the attention.”

Keith A. Buzzell, Man, A Three-brained Being, (Fifth Press, 2007), P. 109.

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Explorations In Active Mentation (2006) — 34 hits
p. 26 surface that bounds itself and opens to the world beyond itself. In time, and inevitably, a great shock, a reverberating impact, will occur. Far out, distant from the place of origin of the infant and
p. 58 We view it as having, throughout its extent, the ability to weaken, cushion or partially absorb shocks, as well as to reflect them.12 Also, note that, in this representation, the ‘implantation’ of Kundabuffer
p. 117 on the digestion of impressions (and of air beyond mi 48), and the nature of the first conscious shock, as involving the directed interaction between different levels of electromagnetic phenomena. It


Man, A Three-brained Being (2007) — 30 hits
p. 103 impressions octave (resulting from the first conscious shock). The material/vibrations of fa6 in this octave (following on the second conscious shock) comprise the growth and maintenance active elements
p. 105 center (patterns established by DNA and other aspects of Itoklanoz) are predominant. If no conscious shock enters at point 6 (between sol and la), the type of physical relationship, which demonstrates itself
p. 47 physical food octave. It is the point where Gurdjieff places the first conscious shock (the effort to self-remember). The shock brings energy to the sounding of do 48. It represents the potential

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