three small triads

Contents:     A New Conception of God

Further Reflections on Gurdjieff's Whim


The Guide and Key, “Attention and Work,” provided with this volume

is useful in understanding the principles explored in this and all of

Keith Buzzell’s books.


Foreword by Joseph Azize


Author’s Preface

Gurdjieff’s vision ~ extraordinary knowledge ~ Great Traditions and modern science


01 A Renewed Concept of Conscience

Evolution and Conscience ~ the critical state ~ sorrow~ long suffering of his endlessness


02 A Crimson Thread

The horror of horrors ~ death of the three brains ~ survival ~ the ultimate cause of war


03 Kundabuffer and Work

The weight-of-Law ~ centers and conflict ~ elimination in all three brains ~ role of attention


04 Sensing and Feeling

Biochemical roots ~ ‘hydrogens’ and digestion ~ “initiative factors” ~ Family Triad and feeling


05 Conscious – Unconscious

Higher Nature ~ cosmic importance ~ our biology


06 Conception

Biological analog to Higher Bodies


07 Origins

Intent of Great Nature ~ lateral octave ~ feelings: the reconciliation


08 Bodies and Centers.

Form and function


09 DO – RE – MI of the Octaves of Food, Air, Impressions

Digestion; involution / evolution ~ elementals ~ simultaneities ~ mechano-coinciding-Mdnel-In ~ conscious shocks


10 Knowledge and Being

Knowing the natural world ~ mechanical nature ~ pursuit of “Why?”


11  Three Bodies

Man’s two natures ~ Mentekithzoin ~ Theomertmalogos ~ Okidanokh / Will


12 Reason

Relativity ~ coating ~ beyond logic ~ Okiartaaitokhsa ~ work with others


13 The Triadic Nature of “Is” and Attention

Instinctive/ moving ~ feeling ~ thought ~ Attentions


14 The Triune Will

To Create, Relate and Love


15 Laws and the Three Food Octaves

Primary principles ~ integration of Six Laws ~ role of will


16  Attention (H12), The Greatest Gift to Life;
     The Power to Pursue Meaning and Purpose

Exioëhary / the Attentions … as photons ~ Okidanokh ~ instinctive center ~ hazard




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